Organic Hemp Protein Powder 50% 400 g

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It’s all in the mix – your natural protein supply

Organic hemp protein powder can make a valuable contribution to balanced nutrition with an approximate 50% protein content, valuable Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and a rich fibre content. Hemp protein can provide you with all the essential proteins. It supports the metabolism and the regeneration of skin, hair and nails. As a plant-based source of protein, it is ideal for athletes and for a vegan diet. Gluten-free, suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Depending on your requirements, 1 portion of hemp protein powder per day mixed into approximately 300 ml of liquid, and then consumed.

Recommended serving per day

Body weight amount
from 50 kg 25 g (3 table spoons)
from 20 till 49 kg 10 g (1 heaped table spoon)
from 10 till 20 kg 5 g (1 heaped tea spoon)


100% non-fat, milled hemp seed (organic)

Organic board of control


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400 g

Food Designation

Protein Powder 50%