Organic Hemp Protein Powder 70% 400 g

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Concentrated and purely plant-based

Proteins are an important prerequisite for a healthy diet as well as for muscle building. Organic Hemp protein powder contains many natural and essential nutrients such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (folic acid, thiaminel), minerals (iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium) and fibre.

It is vegan, lactose-free and perfectly suitable for athletes, vegans as well as for gluten-sensitive persons. Thiamine and iron support a normal energy metabolism, with thiamine also contributing to normal heart function. The contained zinc contributes tot he maintenance of normal bones, skin, hair and nails. Iron and zinc also contribute to normal immune system function, potassium and magnesium to normal muscle and nerve function.

Stir into juices, milkshakes or smoothies as desired.

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Hemp protein powder is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on your requirements, 1 portion of hemp protein powder per day mixed into approximately 300 ml of liquid, and then consumed.

Recommended serving per day

Body weight amount
from 50 kg 25 g (3 table spoons)
from 20 till 49 kg 10 g (1 heaped table spoon)
from 10 till 20 kg 5 g (1 heaped tea spoon)


100% non-fat, milled hemp seed (organic)

Organic board of control


Additional information


400 g

Food Designation

Protein Powder 70%




Nutrients per 100 g

Omega-3 Fatty Acids0,3g
Dietary Fibres6,35g
Calorific value kcal332
Calorific value kJ1,405
of whichMonounsaturated Fatty Acids0,3g
of whichSaturated Fatty Acids0,35g
of whichPolyunsaturated Fatty Acids1,7g
of whichSugar7,6g